Autodesk Revit Resources

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Autodesk Revit Resources

Länk-tips från Blixt och Grandén:

"KS" - Show Custom Shortcuts Dialog
"VG" - Visibility Graphic
"WT" - Tile open Windows
"ZE" - Zoom Extents

*** Some custom shortcuts you might want to consider are:
33 – Default 3D View
AA – Activate view
DD – Deactivate view
JJ – Join geometry
ML – Manage Links
MMR – Macro Manager
SAV – Select all instances in view
SAS – Select all instances in project
WS – Worksets
WW – Create walls

Using LINQ with the Revit API (sample on how to get list of category names of all elements in the active view)

Revit .NET: ElementMulticategoryFilter

Revit 2014 API Developer Guide (PDF)
Revit 2017 API, SDK (CHM) (download file, right-click, select properties and click "unblock"..)
Revit API Developers Guide:

"Extensible Storage", en lagringsplats i Revit-filen.

Autodesk Revit beginner tutorial: Part 1 -- Basic Use

Beginners guide to Revit Architecture:

Getting an element from a string ID:

Getting started using the Revit API:
Revit AddIn, "LookUp":
170412: Latest ready-to-install builds of RevitLookup 
Classification Manager for Revit:

CCS API-dokumentation:
My first plug-in training:


"Revit 2017.1 SDK Update Oct 19, 2016.msi":
 (very useful if you are looking for "Autodesk.AddInManager.addin" as i did for quite some time...)

"New" Revit 2017 Addin-templates:
 (At the moment, 2017-02-14, they are newer than the previous ones from Jeremy Tammik, see link:

Revit AddIn, BipChecker:

Element Id and UniqueId:
Parameter differences: (family browser)

Using Revit Server with REST:
Info about Revit Server:

*** Geolocation info:
Revit, Project Base Points and Survey Points:

Shared Coordinates:
About Shared Coordinates (video):

"Other Classifications", categories and more (parent topic is "Elements Essentials"):