Developer topics, tips and links of interest..

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Developer topics, tips and links of interest..
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ASA, Sveriges IT-arkitekter:
*** "Web Services":

Building Report-enabled Applications with the New ReportViewer Controls
SSW Rules to Better SQL Reporting Services

Vyaskn SQL FAQ:

Using the Enterprise Library Data Access Block for .NET 2.0

Installing and Configuring SQL Server Reporting Services amp; amp;rl=1


Source Code documentation Add-in (VB .Net 2003):

Query Express:

Reporting Services Templates:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\ProjectItems\ReportProject

Lägger man en ".rdl"-fil i denna katalog så dyker den sedan upp som en rapportmall i Visual Studio 2005.

Expresso - A Tool for Building and Testing Regular Expressions:
"NAnt", .Net build-tool:
JavaScript bibliotek:
Ex på kryptering/dekryptering med "rijndael":
NHibernate, store objects in relational database..
Microsoft Terminology Translations..
Visual Basic Developer Center
Visual Basic Fusion: Best Practices to Use Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic .NET Together
Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team Suite Service Pack 1
Visual Studio 2005 SDK Version 4.0
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 IDE Enhancements
PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008:
Consolas Font Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or 2008
JotForm - Wysiwyg online form create/edit.
Tabs menu
MSDN WebCast: What I Wish Developers Knew About Writing Applications for SQL Server 2005 (Level 200)
Snipplr, Social Snippet Repository:
Guidance Automation Extensions 1.4 (needed for Web Service Factory installation..)
MSDN Magazines:
Interesting article, "Big Ball of Mud":
Installing Visual Studio Versions Side-by-Side

Mozilla DemoStudio - Javascript:

UX of Responsive Web Design:


Coding Guidelines / Conventions (för ASP.Net som OpenSource). Intressant för jämförelser och "begrundanden":

Code MSDN, Samples and requests:
Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework:
Practical HTML5 (1 hour video):
ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 in Context:

CSS3 alternate-row coloring sample:

CSS linear gradients:

Channel 9:

ASP.NET MVC 4 - Part [1] - Introduction

The User Interface Design Process

Redefining Mobile UIs with ASP.NET

ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2

Project/class for reading configuration and ini-files:
Sencha ExtJS:

Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET:

HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners:

Detailed Tutorial for Building ASP.Net Web API RESTful Service

Entity Framework 6:

Looking at ASP.NET MVC 5.1 and Web API 2.1 - Part 1 - Overview and Enums
How to Choose the Best Way to Pass Multiple Models in ASP.NET MVC

10 Good Practices for ASP.NET MVC Apps

Overview of Custom Storage Providers for ASP.NET Identity
Checklist: What NOT to do in ASP.NET

Visual Studio Toolbox

Visual Studio extensions for web developers

ASP.NET Identity
Learn MVC (Model view controller) Step by Step in 7 days

ASP .NET MVC for Beginners in Web Development

Calling Stored Procedures from Entity Framework


Capturing Results from Stored Procedures with Entity Framework 6

10 Good Practices for ASP.NET MVC Apps

Angular JavaScript Jumpstart
Learn MVC 5 in 7 days

ASP.NET MVC 6 (now with integrated Web API!)

mongoDB, open source document database.

Asp.Net Web API: Do's/Dont's and Best Practices:

ASP.Net OAuth Guides (authentication)

Creating an Action CheckBox with Web Forms, Bootstrap, and jQuery

Free Bootstrap Themes & Templates

Visual Studio Online:

Framebox Mockup-tool:
Moqups design tool:!/

Exceptions should be exceptional:

When to use abstract class:

10 features in c# that you really should learn:

Visual Studio Hidden Gems