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WebServices, REST m.m

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WebServices, REST m.m
Service naming standards
Defining the WebService with WSDL
Simple file transfer webservice:
Ajax, determine if page exists before calling:
JavaScript Libraries, the big picture:
Using JQuery Library Ajax API to Invoke WebService methods, video:
Reverse Engineer XSD to VB-Classes: 
Sample: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Bin\xsd.exe" fi2base.xsd /c /l:vb
*** Testing a WebService:
Eclipse, launch the "Web Services Explorer"..
Consuming a WCF service in JavaScript using ASP.Net AJAX:
Calling a WCF service from JavaScript:
SOA Cleaner Express, free:
WebService testing with soapUI:
SOA Cleaner (test client):
soapUI (test client, Win+Linux):
Exposing WCF Services to Client Script (JavaScript):
How To: Create a Web Service with WCF

An Introduction To RESTful Services With WCF

RESTful Services with ASP.NET MVC:
Chaining jQuery Ajax Calls (jquery deferred)