HTC Touch Pro

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HTC Touch Pro
HTC Touch Pro T7272
Qualcomm 7201A (528 Mhz)
Originalbatteri 1340mAh
IMEI: 358353010570605
S/N: HT835K000043
P/N: 99HEY050-00
091207: TouchPro ROM Upgrade Swedish (5.05.413.2)
(filename: RUU_Raphael_HTC_SVE_5.05.413.2_Radio_Signed_Raphael_52.58.25.30_1.11.25.01_Ship.exe)
Vid ROM-uppgradering 091229:
från 1.90.413.4
till 5.05.413.2
*** 080904:
ROM-version: 1.90.413.4 SVE
ROM-datum: 08/21/08
Protokollversion: (
HTC Touch Pro Data Cable DC U300 (USB/ExtUSB)
HTC Touch Pro TV Out Cable AC T110
HTC Touch Pro Multifunction Audio Cable YC A300
Software to install:
- .NET Compact Framework
- GPSToday with GeoTagger:
- PocketNotepad
- MyMobileR (remote control/desktop):
- PLT9 (GPS-geotagger):
- Nitrogen, finger friendly mp3-player:
 (TouchFlo Detacher,
MSDN Webcast: Building Mobile Applications Using Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 (Level 200).
HTC Touch Flo, "Manila", updated version:
RaceChrono, GPS lap-timer:
"FIM", Facebook client: