Virtual Server (2005 R2, Hyper V etc)

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Virtual Server (2005 R2, Hyper V etc)
Komprimering av virtuell disk:

%systemdrive%\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual Server\Virtual Machine Additions
1. When building a VPC, install your software on your VPC from an .iso or .img file, not from physical optical media.
Reading from a file on a hard drive is much faster than reading from optical media.
If you can download media as an .iso or .img file, don't burn the file to a CD-ROM or DVD; just directly attach it
to Virtual Server or VPC.
2. Remember that a smaller virtual hard drive is better.
For Windows XP VMs, turn off System Restore and use the Disk Cleanup Wizard.
Minimize the Internet Explorer cache size and set History to 0 days.
Use the virtual disk precompactor utility in the Virtual Machine Additions folder and follow with the
Virtual Disk Wizard to compact a dynamically expanding virtual hard disk.
You should thoroughly defragment inside the virtual machine before using the precompactor utility.
Run the built-in defragmenter that comes with Windows three consecutive times or better yet, purchase a third-party defragmenter.
3. Turn off unnecessary services in the VM. If you aren't going to print from the VM, consider setting
the Print Spooler service to start manually. You probably won't need the IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service or
Wireless Zero Configuration Service in a VM, so you can set them to start manually.
4. Don't tax your processor with unnecessary tasks executing in your VM. Go to My Computer,
Properties, Advanced, Performance Settings. On the Visual Effects tab, select Adjust for best performance.
Right-click the Taskbar and select Properties, then uncheck Show the clock.
*** Vid problem med IP-konflikt i DNS, logga in på virtuell server
och kör: ipconfig /registerdns
Creating 64-bit Virtual Machines:
Using SYSPREP on windows 2008 server to change the SID for a machine:
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*** Distribuera Windows XP automatiskt med hjälp av Sysprep
*** How Virtual Server reacts under specific conditions
*** Ways to deploy an operating system to a virtual machine
*** Distribuera Windows XP automatiskt med hjälp av Sysprep
*** Windows XP Service Pack 2 Deployment Tools (contains latest sysprep..)
Symantec GhostWalker ("ghstwalk.exe")..
*** How To Use the Netdom.exe Utility to Rename a Computer in Windows XP
*** Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support Tools (contains "netdom.exe)
Virtual PC-dokument som innehåller nyttiga script:
Remote stop & start virtual server: 
Guest computer state is not saved when you shut down the
host computer on Virtual Server 2005:
Script Repository: Virtual Server
Virtual Server 2005 R2, Utan servicepack: "1.1.465.292 EE R2"
Virtual Server 2005 R2, SP1: "1.1.603.0 EE R2 SP1"
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Managing your virtual environments.

Over the past 100 days, you might have deployed several systems and virtualized serveral workloads in your environment. As you scale out any environment, efficient management is a key problem to solve. We have assembled a set of resources that explain your options for solving these manageability problems from assessment and deployment to on-going monitoring.

Product Links

Webcasts and Videos
System Center Virtual Machine Manager and Virtual Server )

Virtual Server and Data Protection Manager - Securing your Virtual environment )
System Center Virtual Machine Manager - A scalable management solution )

System Center Operations Manager - Virtual Server MOM Pack )

Case Studies


As you go through the adoption of the different management solutions, these resources will help you unify your management strategy for both physical and virtual environments. In the next e-mail, we will cover topics related to virtualization in a remote infrastructure and security for your virtualization environment.


Romi Mahajan
Microsoft IT Pro Marketing


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080305 nbn: Tried using the "precompact" utility from hosting server on a "vhdmounted" VHD-file, half-way through the application stopped responding, tried to stop it, but in the end the hosting stopped responding and was unreachable Dead. Hosting server had to be restarted by power-off.  The VHD-file was filled with 1Gb files "ZERO000x.TMP".
080910 nbn: Note on interesting util "VhdResizer":
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080911 nbn: Test med Virtual PC 2007 SP1
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Hyper-V admin from Windows 7, use of "RSAT tools".

Virtual Machine Keys:
Standard  Key combination Virtual Machine Key Combination Function
CTRL + ALT + DEL CTRL + ALT + END Displays the Task Manager or Windows Security dialog box.
ALT + TAB ALT + PAGE UP Switches between programs from left to right.
ALT + SHIFT + TAB ALT + PAGE DOWN Switches between programs from right to left.
ALT + ESC ALT + INSERT Cycles through the programs in the order they were started.
CTRL + ESC ALT + HOME Windows start menu button.
None CTRL + ALT + PAUSE Switches between full screen / windowed
None CTRL + ALT + LEFT ARROW Releases mouse and keyboard focus from the Virtual Machine Connection window.
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Windows won't boot. Black screen with blinking cursor at the cor

Windows won't boot. Black screen with blinking cursor at the corner 

I have seen this happening a few times, mostly on Hyper-V guest machines.

The solution is simple.

 - Boot using the CD or ISO and go to the recovery options. Then open the command prompt.

 - Type bcdedit and press enter

 You should see the windows boot manager in one partition and the loader in another one. If that's the case, then type:

 bootrec /fixmbr and press enter
 bootrec /fixboot and press enter
 reboot computer

 If that was not the case, try typing:

 bcdboot C:\Windows

 But make sure the Windows directory is in the C drive, if it is not, replace with the correct letter.